Fire Insurance Claims

We all cherish our family home dearly and when it is destroyed by fire it is a traumatic experience for the whole family.Fire Damage

Structural damage from the fire can extend to areas within your house that may not be visible to you and smoke and soot damage can extend to areas of the house where the fire did not even reach. Soot when it breaks down becomes corrosive and can cause serious damage to electrical appliances therefore, it is important that your home is professionally cleaned to prevent any further long term damage.

When your home is destroyed by fire you will have a number of questions:

  1. How long will the claim process take?
  2. Does my insurance policy cover the cost of emergency accommodation for my family?
  3. Can we decide on the contractors and surveyors to carry out our repair works or do we have to use the ones favoured by our insurance company?
  4. How do we prepare our claim and do we need to have a number of estimates from different building contractors?
  5. How do we put a value on our contents destroyed in the fire?

These are just some of the questions that will come up when you have to make an insurance claim. Without the valuable support and back up provided by Assessor Direct the onus will be on you to find solutions to these problems as well as trying to carry on with your normal daily routine.fFire Damage

Insurance companies employ a Loss Adjuster to adjust on your contents and building claim and although they are employed independently by the insurance company it is in their interest to settle your claim as economically as possible.

The truth is that without engaging a Property Claim Consultant like Assessor Direct your claim is only a number within the system and control of your insurance company. When appointed Assessor Direct get to work immediately on your behalf allowing you to get on with your life. Click here for details of how Assessor Direct can help you.

We offer free advice to you and there is no obligation so call one of our experienced Claim Consultants to see how we can help you with your fire claim. Please dial freephone 1800 252467 or complete our online enquiry form.