Water Damage Insurance Claims

Water Damage

When water causes damage to your home it can have a devastating affect in all sorts of ways.

Once the cause of the problem has been rectified, the most important thing is to return your home to its original state allowing you to get on with your life as soon as possible. We take the stress out of dealing with your claim.

At Assessor Direct we offer a complete claim management service for your water damage claim. Contact us today to let us handle the claim process on your behalf. Even if you have already reported the claim to your insurers we can still help you get the best possible settlement within the terms of your policy.

Water Damage

We have helped many people in your situation and understand the problems you will encounter during the claim settlement process.

We appoint a dedicated claim manager to help you every step of the way and endeavour to achieve the best outcome to ensure your position is protected at all times.

Call us now on Freephone 1800 252 467, or complete our and let us take the stress out of your insurance claim.